Day fifteen

Day fifteen was a turning point.

Day fourteen was crap, because I had just finished my Spring cleaning. Now what was I supposed to do? Knit?

Sadly my grandmother passed her death-to-knitting gene onto me. Oh, to be a knitter and be able to create the most comfiest cardigans.

Anyway. Like I said. Day fifteen was a turning point. I picked up a book (and actually read it instead of staring at the same paragraph for over an hour) and I took a nap. I even started reading more in-depth news articles on the whole pandemic thing. Up to day fourteen I was only able to read a liveblog twice daily, due to my brain being in stupid fight or flight mode.

Day fifteen felt more normal. I’m not talking ‘new normal’ but ‘old normal’. As long as I stayed at home I could pretend it was a Sunday (hence the reduced traffic noice) during the Summer (hence the sound of children’s playing outside). Of course, with ever movie or serie I watch, now comes the not so normal terror of watching people touching each other and screaming at a fictional character for having a cold and still being out in fictional public.

Today is day sixteen. I was at the supermarket at 8am. I bought groceries for a week. I used a shopping cart. All things that were not part of my ‘old normal’. However, things are looking up. There was pasta, kitchen towel and even toilet paper. Interestingly enough, all the candy was gone.

Author: Silvia

Hello! My name is Silvia. In 2002 I started my very first blog. It had a black background and white font. It was a vibe for sure. Fast forward almost twenty years and many blogs & websites later, and here I am again; sharing the details of everyday life.

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