Day twenty-five

Met up with an actual human being today. You know, one of those human beings that you know personally. Not the florist or the mailman. It’s hard to believe that it had been 24 days since I last saw someone I knew. In some ways times feels like it’s flying by, in other ways, not so much.

Anyway, the human being and I took a walk, which was nice and it almost felt normal. Even though we walked with 2 meters between us at all times. Which basically meant one person walking on the road & the other one in the dirt. BUT the sun was out, the sky was blue and I saw a fluffy kitten. And. So. Much. Blossom.

But mostly, of course, it was good for my mental health. I’m sure I speak for most of the planet when I say that this distancing thing, while necessary, is not helpful to our collective state of mind. The last couple of days especially have been hard. But, it’s Monday, and I don’t know about you, but Mondays are my new Fridays. Monday means another week has passed, another week lies ahead, and despite this not being the best of times, I can make it so that it won’t be the worst of times.

Today I feel better. I’m chatting with friends, I have a fridge full of food (strawberries!) and plenty of new ideas to work on. I’m a lucky girl.

Author: Silvia

Hello! My name is Silvia. In 2002 I started my very first blog. It had a black background and white font. It was a vibe for sure. Fast forward almost twenty years and many blogs & websites later, and here I am again; sharing the details of everyday life.

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