Day twenty

There are moments when it all just seems like any other normal day. That you have to remind yourself that it has been twenty days since you last met someone you know in person. That it has been twenty-one days since you last hugged someone. That this is, in fact, not normal.

I could, of course, meet up with a friend, while we keep our distance, and go for a walk. But most of my friends live in Amsterdam and I do not.

A friend suggested I bike to Amsterdam, to go for a walk in the park together. Worried what this prolonged time without seeing someone face-to-face would do to my mental health.

As of yet I am undecided. Because ‘what if…?’ and ‘so many people have it much worse’ and ‘would that be responsible?’.

So for now I’m sticking to video calls. And to talking to the florist and greeting strangers on the street.  All the while feeling the tiniest bit jealous of those people who get to stay home with their partners to bicker all day long.

Author: Silvia

Hello! My name is Silvia. In 2002 I started my very first blog. It had a black background and white font. It was a vibe for sure. Fast forward almost twenty years and many blogs & websites later, and here I am again; sharing the details of everyday life.

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